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Kelsee & Ryan - Married

It's that time of year where I catch up on my blog updates to share with you some of the highlights I have been up to the past year.  What better way to start off than to showcase Kelsee Ryan's beautiful September wedding in Salmon Arm?

My special thanks to my lovely lady, Candace, for being my studious second shooter.  It is an absolute pleasure to share in the same passions as my partner and I couldn't ask for anything more than that <3

Kelsee & Ryan are absolutely wonderful people and are simply perfect for one another.  Their shared passions for Lord of the rings, Cats, and virtually anything else that they can share together is ridiculously cute.  But this day, the day of their wedding and the joining of their families, was a truly special day to be a part of.  To witness their love and devotion for one another is truly inspiring and something that reminds me why I love doing this work so much.



Kait & Ash - Married

2015 seemed to be the year where I worked with alot of fire-fighters. Engagements, newborn announcements, and weddings - all across the board.  This here, is Ashton, and he is about to take his bride, Kaitlin's, hand in marriage on a beautiful late summer afternoon at the Quaaout Lodge in Little Shuswap, BC.

Ash & Kait were so much fun to work with because their sense of humor was alot like mine.  They were goofy, they were happy, they were tearful, and even a bit tipsy at one point or another.  The most important thing was that they were in love and this day was all about capturing those moments between them as they celebrated it.

My special thanks to my second shooter, Selina for capturing those extra moments I couldn't split myself in half for.  Your help is always appreciated and you are breath of fresh air to the craziness of a photographer's task on days like these :)