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Rebecca & Tyler - Married

Last summer I had the distinct pleasure to meet Rebecca and Tyler, albeit briefly, as we were only together for a very short time.  Though our time together was short, we took full advantage of our time we had and we ended up capturing some of my absolute favorite images from last wedding season.

All of the planning for the wedding went through the bride's sister so I never actually met the bride and groom until the day of the wedding.  It didn't take long for all of us to warm up once we started to get to know one another. By the end, they wanted me to stay and celebrate with them, but alas this family man had kids waiting for him to party with them before bedtime.

This event was held at the glorious Prestige Hotel by the harborfront in downtown Salmon Arm.  The backdrop was picture perfect, overlooking the beautiful shuswap and its encircling mountains.  The Prestige hotel is second to none in Salmon Arm for hosting weddings, as well as it's visitors from across the world.

Once again, I had the help of my beautiful partner in crime to capture this wedding - my thanks to you forever and always for joining me on these adventures, Candace Crystal <3





Shawn & Scott - Married

Wow, has it ever been a long while since I've posted a blog.  I'd like to tell you that I have just gotten back from the future on an adventure with Marty & Doc, but the truth is alot less exciting... I've simply been a busy shooter! While my online presence has suffered a bit as a result, being busy is a most welcome and humble blessing. 

Thanks to my good friend and talented 2nd shooter, Brett Alton to aide me with this wedding, there was no shortage of moments captured, and amazing ones at that.  With a venue such as Rustic weddings located in Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada, you're assured a beautiful back-drop to get married at.

As photographers, we tell a story with our pictures. Shawn & Scott's story is one of love, family, friends, and an abundance of everything in between - from the laughter and the tears, down to the littlest details.  I hope you enjoy their celebration and join me in wishing them well on their lifetime of an adventure together.
Until next time,

Jori & Ryan's farm wedding

Jori and Ryan are a perfect example of how true love never dies, it only gets stronger with time.  When I first visited Jori & Ryan out on their farm, it was clear to me that they not only lived in paradise way out where they are, but being with each other WAS paradise.  

I learned so much from these two.  I learned that hard work and true love bear the fruits of an incredible future and legacy that they will one day leave behind for their own children.  I learned that their love for their land and their animals knows no bounds and benefits so many of us who use the products as a result of their laborious  work.  I learned that simple living can be incredibly rewarding.  The very fact that these two have so many lessons to teach me as well as others just by being who they are makes Jori & Ryan two people I will surely not forget for a long time to come.

Oh, and the passion between these two.... Yowzas!  It shows through just in the way they look  at each other, reminding us all what TRUE love really looks Like.  Congratulations to both of your burning hearts!

{Special thanks to Stephanie for all her help iin teaming up with me for this wedding.  Her added talents were a great addition to this collection and considering the distances we covered that day, I'm not sure what I would have done without you :) }




Adrian & Andrea - Married

Adrian and I go way back to our high school days.  An unlikely union of friendship born out of wrestling matches in the high school cafeteria stairwell and countless Mariokart defeats has led us to this moment.  What an honor it was when I was asked by my good friend to come back home and capture his wedding day.  Without a second thought I made my way back home to take part in what was an off the wall fun kinda day that I'm sure not to forget anytime soon.

Worth noting to those wedding photogs who think it's paramount to shoot a wedding with a second photographer or an assistant, you'll be surprised to know that this is one of many weddings I have shot absolutely solo, no help whatsoever.  I am very proud of this because those who do wedding photography know this is no easy task.

Special shout-outs to Karbs, Amzinouff, Duford, and Hairbob; the good times continue to be had after all these years.  Here's to many more as we scatter across the continent.

(The beautiful backdrop to those wondering, is the Devonian Gardens located just outside of Edmonton).

Much love to you both, Adrian & Andrea.