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Shawn & Scott - Engaged

For a guy who is a volunteer fire-fighter, Scott sure isn't putting any fires out in these images with his fiancée - if anything they are starting one fire after another everywhere they stand, (or sit), in this photo set.  They're hot!!!  I can only imagine how hot they're gonna be, (or for that matter how hot it will be outside) for their mid-summer wedding.  Good thing there will be other Firefighters there just in case.

Just another fall day in paradise, at the beach.  Please enjoy these.  My thanks to the happy couple for letting me share these moments with you.

Kyana & Kyle - Engaged

The energy and love between these two could power a Harley devoid of fuel.  Kyana & Kyle recently moved to the Shuswap and when they contacted me to photograph them, I wanted to really leave them with the impression that they came to the right place to settle down.  

The day of the session, we had amazing sunlight so I skipped out of work early to get to their house before we lost the sun.  I got there about 20 minutes before the sun disappeared behind the mountain and literally, the first shots of this set are taken within 5 minutes of us meeting each other.  That's how I have to roll sometimes.  In the end, we had a great time, got some amazingly beautiful images and now I look forward to photographing their hog-wild wedding later this summer.

These images should get your motor running!

Mel & Blaise - Engaged

Is it just me or do these two exude pure passion? If this is how they are just on their own, can you imagine their wedding day?  Mel & Blaise got engaged under the fine mists of Margaret Falls earlier in the fall of this year.  If you're gonna do it go big or go home, way to blow the doors off the moment, Blaise! 

Their vision was to re-capture the moment by going back there once more. The weather, the colors, and their intimacy make these images some of my favorite, dramatic images that I have photographed this year.  

I can't wait to do it all over again next summer.  Much love to these two and to the fan base for comming to the blog and checking this set out!


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