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Shawn & Scott - Engaged

For a guy who is a volunteer fire-fighter, Scott sure isn't putting any fires out in these images with his fiancée - if anything they are starting one fire after another everywhere they stand, (or sit), in this photo set.  They're hot!!!  I can only imagine how hot they're gonna be, (or for that matter how hot it will be outside) for their mid-summer wedding.  Good thing there will be other Firefighters there just in case.

Just another fall day in paradise, at the beach.  Please enjoy these.  My thanks to the happy couple for letting me share these moments with you.

Sharlette & Pete - Married

Welcome back for another installment of my wedding blog series, playing catch-up from this year's wildly busy schedule.  This is Sharlette and Pete, and if you follow the blog, you'll know we have worked together earlier this year on multiple occasions leading up to their summer wedding.  When you're around these two, you might notice an element of youthful playfulness still very strong between them.  Because of that, they're alot like two people who have just fallen in love, (even though the y have been together for sometime), and it shows through, both when you're around them or even just looking at pictures of them. 

It's been such a pleasure working with these two over the past year.  The moments we have captured with these two are some of my favorite images from 2014 - I couldn't ask for better people to work with and get to know, (and if you know them, you know what I mean).

Congratulations to them both and all the best on their adventure together. 



Chris & Tiffany - Married

Chris and Tiffany are the youngest couple I have photographed this year and even though our time together was short, we captured some pretty cool shots for their special day.  They had some good creative input in the creation of some of these images, and the Japanese Umbrellas were a nice touch too - I loved those.  

My congratulations to you both on their official union of love, that is sure to last for ages to come!



Trena & Brock - Married in the Rain

I feel like that Gene Kelly classic song, "Singin' in the Rain", suits this wedding collection beautifully. When couples have a vision for their wedding day, it's hard to foresee what to do if your special day gets rained out.  In the case of Trena & Brock who came all the way to Sunnybrae, BC from miles upon miles away - huge credit to them both for embracing what they couldn't control.  

Aside from spending the day soaked through and through, just looking at these images warms me up knowing that we made the most of a damp situation, capturing the day for what it was - Absolutely beautiful!