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Dawn & Ryan - Married

Holy trouts, she was a hot one that day - a balmy 36 degrees if I remember correctly.  It was a good thing Trout lake was ice cold, it was often the only relief from the mountainous heat wave. (scroll down and see for yourself).  I've never been to a wedding where there is a 2-3 hour period in between the photos and festivities to just cool off and rest. It was very much needed.

Dawn & Ryan's Trout Lake wedding was probably one of the most memorable experiences of my wedding season last year.  Not only were they so easy and relaxed to work with, but there was a very laid back approach to the whole event which made things very comfortable for everyone, especially myself where I knew next to no one there. There is nothing quite like a destination wedding though, especially one out in the middle of nowhere.  There was no cell service for 2 days, I was completely unplugged, (that in itself felt absolutely liberating), I got to camp right on the edge of the lake, I got to be part of the party, and most importantly of all, I got to do what I do best - document it all. 

The question still stands to you Dawn & Ryan - How about an anniversary party on the lake so we can do it all over again this year?


Adrian & Andrea - Married

Adrian and I go way back to our high school days.  An unlikely union of friendship born out of wrestling matches in the high school cafeteria stairwell and countless Mariokart defeats has led us to this moment.  What an honor it was when I was asked by my good friend to come back home and capture his wedding day.  Without a second thought I made my way back home to take part in what was an off the wall fun kinda day that I'm sure not to forget anytime soon.

Worth noting to those wedding photogs who think it's paramount to shoot a wedding with a second photographer or an assistant, you'll be surprised to know that this is one of many weddings I have shot absolutely solo, no help whatsoever.  I am very proud of this because those who do wedding photography know this is no easy task.

Special shout-outs to Karbs, Amzinouff, Duford, and Hairbob; the good times continue to be had after all these years.  Here's to many more as we scatter across the continent.

(The beautiful backdrop to those wondering, is the Devonian Gardens located just outside of Edmonton).

Much love to you both, Adrian & Andrea.



MJ & Jesse - A Rustic Winter Wedding

This past winter, I had the humbling honor of photographing this low-key and intimate wedding of MJ & Jessie at O'Keffe Ranch, just outside of Vernon, BC. These two shared some uncanny circumstances that upon bringing them together, seemed like a story that played right out from a movie. Fate it seems, found a way for them to find each other just at the right time.

It just so happened that they got married on what was probably the second coldest day of the year, but that wasn't going to stop the bride and groom from braving the chill for some warm shots in a beautiful rustic, snowy backdrop.  A cup of warm cocoa was just what the doctor ordered after this day was done! 

Congrats to you both, MJ and Jesse, and thank you for letting me capture these beautiful moments.


A day on the mountain with Mr. & Mrs. Weeden

In what I think is safe to say my first destination wedding ever, this by far was one of my favorite weddings of the year - and not just because it was a beautiful getaway for the weekend. Sometimes I pine over the fact that I am always shooting in similar locations and a wedding like this was just what I needed to find myself again as I continue to grow with my wedding photography.  

It was easy to do this with Ryan and Jeslyn because they are the most laid back and easy-going people to work with.  We have established a unique relationship over the years, that I can truly say I'm grateful to have. We've had a few good adventures together the past 2 years and coincidentally, they enjoy a good adventure.  They are two people I highly regard considering the road to this point and I look forward to our continued relationship as the years go by.  To them both, I wish the happiest of years together - Great people deserve great lives.

Extra thanks to my wife who for the first time, jumped into the big timer's wedding pool with me. She was an amazing assistant and the only one I would be able to enjoy such an awesome experience with. I love this job! And her of course :)