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Welcome to the world, Emily!

What can I say about the Schoene family that hasn't already been said?  Working with this family is always such an enjoyable experience, partially because we are good friends but also because they are such relaxed and easy going people.  Doing these types of lifestyle sessions for newborns fits that mindset because we can all be in the family's home and capture some truly candid and memorable moments you just can't capture while doing studio-style Newborn sessions.  Keep that in mind next time you or anyone you know needs newborn photos that are a bit different from the norm :)



Lana & Maclane

How beautiful are these ladies, right?! I've had the pleasure of working with Lana and Maclane on many occasions and this time was just as enjoyable as all the others, if not one of the best sessions we've had, yet.  We found a super secret spot to capture some good old-fashioned mother daughter time.  What an adventure!  One thing I love about working with Lana is that she loves the different styles and creative images I can do, so that allows for some creative fun during the shoot, and during editing time, especially.  I look forward to many more sessions with these two in the future.  Keep on being you, ladies, because you rock!


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Super Stu Turns 6

What can I say about not so-little-anymore Stu?  He inspires me to fly.  As he does his parents, grandparents, and all that surround him in his life.  Today, Stu turned 6 and I was invited to spend the afternoon with him and all of his friends in all of their glory.  What a special privilege to be a part of this day as there were no shortage of great moments, smiles, and fun which I feel was enough to repel the rain from spoiling the party even though it threatened to for the majority of the festivities.  Stu, I hope you enjoyed your "super" day with all of your friends and family.  I had a great time!  Here are just a few highlights from the many that made this day so great.



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The Mikulin Kids

Picture day, and mom and dad are sick.  I gave them a break from their kids while we played outside.  Do they get any rest?  Of course not.  HA!  I must thank the Mikulin family for putting their faith in me to get some good pics of their kids.  (You know how it is, most parents give you the 'ol "Good luck").  Thing is, there was no faith needed.  Their kids are beautiful, the newborn Zander never cried, and the view from and in their yard is nothing short of spectacular. Wouldn't you agree?

Many thanks to Sophie, Jayda, Nikki, Andrew, & Baby Zander - Our time together was short, but it was great!



The Great Egg Hunt

The great egg hunt was on, beginning at a modest 6.30 am on Easter morning, (who's bright idea was it to have it on a Sunday?! [Yes yes, I know, I know, just let me complain] ).  Perfect!  What a great time it was to watch my wee ones follow the trail left behind by what appears to be a very oblivious Easter bunny who had quite the hole in his sack of goods as he passed on through.  His eggs were EVERYWHERE, and he even left some for mom and dad to find too ;)  
Once they found all of his goodies in the house, naturally we went out into the world to find more!  We linked up with some friends who invited us out to a private Easter Egg hunt out on the farm.  What a great day for the kids. This time the Easter Bunny tornado-ed through, leaving a load of swag debris all over the farm for the kids to collect.  Many thanks for the invite to that and even more important, thank you to Brenda for putting on quite an event for the kids.  They loved it!  (Or so I'm positive that's what my son said in his chocolate coma on the ride home).

Until next year!


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