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The Great Egg Hunt

The great egg hunt was on, beginning at a modest 6.30 am on Easter morning, (who's bright idea was it to have it on a Sunday?! [Yes yes, I know, I know, just let me complain] ).  Perfect!  What a great time it was to watch my wee ones follow the trail left behind by what appears to be a very oblivious Easter bunny who had quite the hole in his sack of goods as he passed on through.  His eggs were EVERYWHERE, and he even left some for mom and dad to find too ;)  
Once they found all of his goodies in the house, naturally we went out into the world to find more!  We linked up with some friends who invited us out to a private Easter Egg hunt out on the farm.  What a great day for the kids. This time the Easter Bunny tornado-ed through, leaving a load of swag debris all over the farm for the kids to collect.  Many thanks for the invite to that and even more important, thank you to Brenda for putting on quite an event for the kids.  They loved it!  (Or so I'm positive that's what my son said in his chocolate coma on the ride home).

Until next year!


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