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Welcome to the world, Emily!

What can I say about the Schoene family that hasn't already been said?  Working with this family is always such an enjoyable experience, partially because we are good friends but also because they are such relaxed and easy going people.  Doing these types of lifestyle sessions for newborns fits that mindset because we can all be in the family's home and capture some truly candid and memorable moments you just can't capture while doing studio-style Newborn sessions.  Keep that in mind next time you or anyone you know needs newborn photos that are a bit different from the norm :)



Kayla & The Boys

Kayla & Ian have such a beautiful family - More beautiful than any setting I could ever find for them. Okay, that may sound like I'm trying to earn brownie points here but really, just see for yourself!  In one of my more memorable family sessions this year, for over an hour all we did was laugh and play.  Now isn't that how most photo sessions should be?  I think so.  Special thanks to Hillcrest Elementary School in Salmon Arm, for providing the backdrop to a perfectly playful session.


The Brydon Family

Back in May, I spent weeks waiting ever so patiently for the cherry blossoms to bloom, looking for the perfect mix of lots of blossoms vs. privacy, (if you haven't noticed yet, I take a lot of pride in finding just the right spots for my pictures).  Here in the Shuswap, it's rare to find the pink ones but the white ones, boy, when a whole field of them blooms, it looks really amazing.  Destiny too, had been waiting patiently for them for a while, so when I called her up to tell her I found the mother-load blossom field, we got it done right away.  The result, well worth the wait - It was the perfect mothers day gift :)


Last days as a family of 4

Marc & Karlynn and their family are good friends with my family so I was honored when they asked me to capture their family portraits once again.  Last time I did it, they were a family of 3, this time they are about to be a family of 5.  Karlynn wanted more of a playful nature to her photos rather than the traditional dreamy style you usually see, so this worked well for me because those are the photos I like to take!  Thanks to some good friends who allow us access to their property, we had the perfect place to romp around and play away!

(In case you're wondering what she had, the Schoene family welcomed their little lady not long after these photos were taken.  Pictures of baby Emily will follow later this year on the blog, so stay tuned!)



Lana & Maclane

How beautiful are these ladies, right?! I've had the pleasure of working with Lana and Maclane on many occasions and this time was just as enjoyable as all the others, if not one of the best sessions we've had, yet.  We found a super secret spot to capture some good old-fashioned mother daughter time.  What an adventure!  One thing I love about working with Lana is that she loves the different styles and creative images I can do, so that allows for some creative fun during the shoot, and during editing time, especially.  I look forward to many more sessions with these two in the future.  Keep on being you, ladies, because you rock!


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