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Neeley & Mike - Married

Back when I first met Neeley & Mike at a local coffee shop, it was hot summer day so we grabbed a frozen yogurt to cool off and we started to get to know one another. They also introduced me to their beautifully adorable daughter, who with an incredible amount of patience for a toddler , proceeded to watch me rather closely and carefully as I spoke with her parents about the plans for their big day.

A couple of months passed by and we would meet again for their engagement/family photos. Mike’s hair looking as perfect as ever, Neeley, a permanent sparkle in her eye, and their daughter even cuter than the last time I saw her, (if that was even possible)! We captured some truly amazing candid images and shared some apples in the orchard all while getting to know one and other just a little bit more.

Finally, a year later, their wedding day was upon us and after working with and getting to know Mike & Neeley prior to this pinnacle moment, I was no longer just a hired photographer, I was also a friend. Neeley looked ravishing in her elegant dress while a dapper & sharp Mike waited outside in anticipation to see her. Once they finally saw one another for the first time on their wedding day, the joy in Mike’s eyes, to see his lady, the emotion, I had to keep the camera over my face for longer than I was shooting, *sniff* it was a truly touching moment.

I saw that same look in his eyes a couple of hours later as she would walk down the aisle to meet him and finally take his hand. It was incredibly endearing, it once again left my eyes a tad bit moist. It truly was a special moment and I’m a sucker for getting choked up not when the bride gets emotional, but when the groom does.

This day is one I won’t soon forget because it wasn’t just Mike & Neeley that made it so memorable. I don’t believe I have worked with a wedding party quite as dedicated to the party as they were. I even left this wedding with a new nickname, (of which I actually couldn’t share here, even if I wanted to - this blog is PG)

To say that Predator Ridge Golf Resort and Lone Pine Ranch were incredibly gracious & prepared hosts, that would be a vast understatement. From the staff at the ridge who were incredibly helpful in getting us setup for the photos we needed, to the crew at the ranch who truly put on an amazing reception at their tremendously eye popping rustic venue - I would highly recommend these vendors to anyone looking for that perfect place to have the most memorable party of your life.

Mike & Neeley Getting Ready.jpg
Mike & Neeley First Look.jpg

Kristina & Sean's Seymour Arm Wedding

Looking for a wedding photographer, Sean & Kristina found me online while being halfway across the country.  That's the power of internet connectivity! When we finally met face to face, it was over Skype, and they then came from the coast months later to Scotch Creek, to do their engagement photos.  After technically breaking the law together that day to get our shots, and Sean fending off a potential nasty allergy attack just so I could sit them in a scenic shot, they stuck with me and invited me out to Seymour Arm for what was sure to be the best party of their lives.

This wedding was like none other that I had ever been a part of.  It featured camping overnight, no power, a massive duck mite outbreak, a soaked sausage breakfast, multiple clothing changes, and lots of laughs and close calls, (not to mention the scare of leaving my camera outside all night after I went to bed!)  All in all, my greatest, (and wettest), wedding adventure of 2014 for sure.  My thanks to Sean and Kristina for giving me the responsibility and the opportunity to capture their day in such an amazing environment, and to Selina, for making the long trek out there in the early morning to help me out, (and for buying all those Heinekens!) 

AND to Seynmour Arm I say, I'll be back.  Now THAT place is a hidden paradise.