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Walking with the Walters... Again!

Oh how I love working with the Walters family.  They come back to see me year after year, and we keep making precious memory after precious memory.  Don't take my word for it though, see for yourself!  On this exceptionally sunny, beautiful, fall afternoon, we went against the "rules" and shot in high-noon sunlight.  DANGER!  Haha.  I have to say, the results were something to behold.
Special thanks to Mr. Walters; your lead by example approach on how to pose for a photoshoot sets the tone every time we work together ;) Good sport he is, with 3 ladies on his hip.  Go dad!  

While I've had the good fortune and sincere pleasure of watching this family and especially baby Alice grow a little more every year, it's been such an honor to work with these awesome people and have their continual support.  I look forward to many more moments of laughter with this fine family.  Until next time!


Family Day 2013

Family Day is a new holiday in BC for the first time this year.  While other provinces across Canada have enjoyed this holiday for some time now, BC has finally stepped up and offered us this holiday.  Finally something to make that stretch from the new year to Easter a little bit more bearable!  This year, my family and I spent it exactly how we wanted to.  Lots of laughs, outdoor time, and ultimately - the comatose kids that followed such an adventurous day.

I hope you had a chance to spend some time with your family on your holiday this year.  If not, that's okay too.  a day off is a day off, no matter what you do :)