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Paige - Grad

The one thing I can truly say about this session is that it embodies the definition of grace and elegance.  

Grad sessions are usually so casual, but Paige wanted anything but that.  I wanted to help her achieve her vision so I spent lots of time putting this session together.  With a little help from some locals, (who had a truly storybook property), and Paige's little sister to assist me, I was able to capture some of the most elegant and artful images I think I've ever taken.  But I was really inspired by Paige and her situation, and that really helped me tap into another level of inspiration for my own work as a result. 

We all face challenges in our life that seem impassable, and sometimes but not always, we find a ways to defeat them and move onto the next stage of our lives...  making us stronger, smarter, and more beautiful than ever before.  Paige is no different.  She wanted to showcase her incredible transformation in this moment in a way that would never let her forget just how important that was to her.

Once we were done and she saw the final images, I could sense that she felt strong, empowered, and beautiful again.  My hope for Paige and for all the rest of the graduates of this year and the next is that you always continue to find yourself in ways you never thought possible, and never, EVER give up on yourself. 


A special storyboard shoot - Moonrise Kingdom

I recently had the pleasure of working with the wonderful and talented Lila Karmali, a local photographer from Salmon Arm who usually finds herself immersed in stylized /storyboard shoots with all sorts of wild ideas and recantations of popular childhood characters or stories.  Her photography inspired me to want to try something along the same lines of things and who better to team up with this project than her?  And wouldn't you know it, the idea happened to come to me while I was watching a Wes Anderson-directed movie, Moonrise Kingdom.  

Wes's story follows Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop - two kids from opposite worlds, as they run away from their scouting troop/up-scale home to finally meet each other after months of writing to one another.  Together, they spend their adventure exploring the New England island called New Penzance with no parents, no rules, just them.  The movie clearly had a much bigger budget and a more drawn out story, but Lila and I wanted to simplify things and create the part of the story that the movie was really about.  Young love.  

After months of planning, scouting and gathering just the right things to have even a sniff at recreating Wes's story the best we could, our day-long shoot wrapped up with success, plenty of smiles, bug bites galore, a bit of rain cover, and a new friendship that will last forever in these photos for two local kids who had never met before this project.  

Lila and I created our own stories with Narissa and Riley, ( the incredibly wonderful subjects we had as the stars of our story),  which will eventually be combined as one for a nice little book.  You can find Lila's story here, and scroll on down for mine.  We hope you love these images as much as we do.  Many thanks to all those involved who contributed to making this project happen, (especially you, Amy!)