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The Great Cell Phone Photography Challenge

Recently, I had the good fortune of going on vacation with my family & in-laws, to Maui.  I have always brought my regular camera with me on previous trips in the past, but this year would be different...

Often times, many people believe that because you have a great camera, your photos should match it's greatness.  When I told a fellow colleague I would try challenging myself to taking photos only on my phone, he laughed, asking me if I was feeling okay.   I cannot explain where my disdain for cell phone photography originated or why, but as cameras have evolved on most phones, and the variety of photo apps have continued to improve, I think my viewpoint may be swaying a bit.  Thanks to the VSCO Cam app, I was able to take my cell phone photography to a new level and actually enjoy it.  

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them. Mahalo, and Happy New Year