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Walking with the Walters... Again!

Oh how I love working with the Walters family.  They come back to see me year after year, and we keep making precious memory after precious memory.  Don't take my word for it though, see for yourself!  On this exceptionally sunny, beautiful, fall afternoon, we went against the "rules" and shot in high-noon sunlight.  DANGER!  Haha.  I have to say, the results were something to behold.
Special thanks to Mr. Walters; your lead by example approach on how to pose for a photoshoot sets the tone every time we work together ;) Good sport he is, with 3 ladies on his hip.  Go dad!  

While I've had the good fortune and sincere pleasure of watching this family and especially baby Alice grow a little more every year, it's been such an honor to work with these awesome people and have their continual support.  I look forward to many more moments of laughter with this fine family.  Until next time!


Lana & Maclane

How beautiful are these ladies, right?! I've had the pleasure of working with Lana and Maclane on many occasions and this time was just as enjoyable as all the others, if not one of the best sessions we've had, yet.  We found a super secret spot to capture some good old-fashioned mother daughter time.  What an adventure!  One thing I love about working with Lana is that she loves the different styles and creative images I can do, so that allows for some creative fun during the shoot, and during editing time, especially.  I look forward to many more sessions with these two in the future.  Keep on being you, ladies, because you rock!


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A special storyboard shoot - Moonrise Kingdom

I recently had the pleasure of working with the wonderful and talented Lila Karmali, a local photographer from Salmon Arm who usually finds herself immersed in stylized /storyboard shoots with all sorts of wild ideas and recantations of popular childhood characters or stories.  Her photography inspired me to want to try something along the same lines of things and who better to team up with this project than her?  And wouldn't you know it, the idea happened to come to me while I was watching a Wes Anderson-directed movie, Moonrise Kingdom.  

Wes's story follows Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop - two kids from opposite worlds, as they run away from their scouting troop/up-scale home to finally meet each other after months of writing to one another.  Together, they spend their adventure exploring the New England island called New Penzance with no parents, no rules, just them.  The movie clearly had a much bigger budget and a more drawn out story, but Lila and I wanted to simplify things and create the part of the story that the movie was really about.  Young love.  

After months of planning, scouting and gathering just the right things to have even a sniff at recreating Wes's story the best we could, our day-long shoot wrapped up with success, plenty of smiles, bug bites galore, a bit of rain cover, and a new friendship that will last forever in these photos for two local kids who had never met before this project.  

Lila and I created our own stories with Narissa and Riley, ( the incredibly wonderful subjects we had as the stars of our story),  which will eventually be combined as one for a nice little book.  You can find Lila's story here, and scroll on down for mine.  We hope you love these images as much as we do.  Many thanks to all those involved who contributed to making this project happen, (especially you, Amy!)



Super Stu Turns 6

What can I say about not so-little-anymore Stu?  He inspires me to fly.  As he does his parents, grandparents, and all that surround him in his life.  Today, Stu turned 6 and I was invited to spend the afternoon with him and all of his friends in all of their glory.  What a special privilege to be a part of this day as there were no shortage of great moments, smiles, and fun which I feel was enough to repel the rain from spoiling the party even though it threatened to for the majority of the festivities.  Stu, I hope you enjoyed your "super" day with all of your friends and family.  I had a great time!  Here are just a few highlights from the many that made this day so great.



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The Mikulin Kids

Picture day, and mom and dad are sick.  I gave them a break from their kids while we played outside.  Do they get any rest?  Of course not.  HA!  I must thank the Mikulin family for putting their faith in me to get some good pics of their kids.  (You know how it is, most parents give you the 'ol "Good luck").  Thing is, there was no faith needed.  Their kids are beautiful, the newborn Zander never cried, and the view from and in their yard is nothing short of spectacular. Wouldn't you agree?

Many thanks to Sophie, Jayda, Nikki, Andrew, & Baby Zander - Our time together was short, but it was great!